Vote about Stretch Goals

We’ve thought a lot about the way we should present our Stretch Goals to you.

We’ve been working on the extensions that we’d like to add to the game for a good while now, so we aren’t making up the Stretch Goals as we go. This also means that we can show you the Stretch Goals already at the beginning of the campaign because we wanted to launch it well prepared. The system of Stretch Goals also has a certain psychology, we don’t want to deny that. Curiosity and uncertainty could motivate those who haven’t made up their minds about backing our project yet. Success is our common interest since the more of you decide to back Cultistorm, the more extensions and extras we can pack in your box. If we could reach all the planned Stretch Goals together, we could really give you a LOT OF extra content alongside the already very valuable base set.

Stretch Goals on Kickstarter can be treated in two different ways: either we show you all of them from the very beginning and constantly update you when we reached one of the goals. This is the method less frequently used. The other one is that we only show you the next one or two Stretch Goals we aim to reach and the ones we have already got. This is the more popular solution.

We’d like to know which one you would prefer.

We’d like to have a campaign which makes you happy but which is also efficient. Please, help us to decide and we’re going to treat our Stretch Goals based on the result of the vote.

Thank you very much!