Become an Undercover Agent and be a part of the Cultistorm Universe!

We would like to offer a very special opportunity for the most dedicated of Investigators: joining one of the most dangerous operations of the Agency and fighting as an undercover agent within the ranks of the Cultists.

You can join this mission by pledging for the special “Undercover Agent Pledge” – but places are limited!

The first 13 brave fighters will have the chance to join the ranks of the undercover agents. We will require mugshots from the participants, to be illustrated by our graphic designers. In this way you can become part of the Cultistorm universe via the 13 undercover Investigator cards.The aim of this pledge is straightforward: we want to allow our fans and backers to support us to a bigger extent via this pledge.

This unique and spontaneous small expansion is not only visual in nature, but also adds a new and exciting game mechanic. The undercover agents are shuffled into the Cultist deck and have the chance to appear during the Cultist phase. The players can rescue (or pull out) the undercover agents using the XP marked on their action cards, as the undercover agents will have XP requirements instead of symbols. If you manage to pull out the undercover agent, they will reveal some intel about the Cultists (meaning you can take down a Cultist of your choice from that location without a fight). However, the agents cannot stay undercover forever. Should a new Cultist appear above them in the row, the agents lose their minds and the Cultists convert them to join their ranks. In this case, the undercover agent will act as a regular Cultist and you must count them towards the Cultist limit, ensuring they do not contribute to summoning the Great Old Ones.

This new minor expansion will be a part of every Cultistorm Game.

It will be intense and exciting.

Here you can see a sample picture of the cast leader, the designer of Cultistorm. Backers of the ‘Undercover Agent Pledge’ will be represented in a similar way.

One more thing: after the campaign we will contact the 13 brave investigators to gather some intel on them, allowing us to write short stories about them, so they could be included in the Script Book of the Narrative expansion.

Let the recruitment begin!

What do you get with this level?

We would like to offer a very special limited opportunity for 13 backers to become a part of the Cultistorm Universe.


  • Collector Pledge
  • An additional Collector Pledge as a present
  • A unique Cultist card with your own portrait
  • Your very own short story in the Script Book
  • Free “Game Night: Lovecraft Country” Add-on
  • Free “Reinforcement Has Arrived” Add-on
  • Free 3D Monster Box if it will be available
  • Free shipping
  • All unlocked Stretch Goals

Price of the Undercover Pledge Level: 750 USD

Do you want to be an Undercover Agent?

Join us, because the places is very limited: