There are two major expansions for Cultistorm, these change the basic course of the game, therefore you can use only one at a time:

1. The “Behind the scenes” overload expansion which allows one of the players to assume the rule of H.P. Lovecraft and thus take over the game. The other players need to fight him together.

2. The “Storm of cultists” campaign expansion unfolds a seven-part continuous story. It is played in seven separate sessions with unique and consecutive missions and the use of completely new game mechanisms.


Besides the two major, game changing expansions, there are nine minor expansion modules which give either new elements or new mechanics to the game. Naturally in the Script Book you can find a relevant flash fiction story also for these new elements.

1.) The “Otherworlds” module adds a special location card to every Great Old One. These cards represent such otherworldly dimensions which open in our world after the arrival of the Great Old Ones.

2. The “Ancient relics” are powerful objects from other dimensions. To get them the investigators need to open the dimension gates themselves, but with this they risk losing their sanity.

3. “Dark rituals” activate the experience points on the investigator action cards which they can spend to learn dark rituals from the ancient tomes. They can use these to unlock further action possibilities during the game.

4. The “Cultist events” module brings a cultist even deck into play. At the beginning of each cultist phase, the players need to draw a card from this pack and carry out the events they unveiled. These rarely bode well for the players…

5. In the “Innocent victims” module the investigators will have to save innocent civilians, who got caught up in the fight of investigators and cultists, from becoming cultists themselves. Of course this is just one of their many tasks: the investigators also need to defeat the cultists and the Great Old Ones and save the world.

6. The “Otherworldly diseases” module unleashes diseases of unknown origin to the world and the investigators need to stop them from spreading and reaching towns and cities.

7. The “Dangerous puzzle” adds a six-card special relic to the object deck; the players need to find this to win the game. The pieces of the puzzle are lethal objects in themselves, not to mention the fact that cards unleashing unexpected and horrible events also enter the deck beside them.

8. The “Research events” is a module which actually helps the investigators; it makes the game easier or counterbalances the other complicating modules. When an investigator carries out a research, he draws a card and applies its (usually positive) effect.

9. The “Rorschach test” expansion was inspired by one of the short stories in our collection, “The Inkblots.” There are more and more otherwordly inkblots appearing throughout the game. They don’t influence the game on their appearance, but if the players accumulate a certain number of unresolved inkblots, a Great Old One, whose dreams are depicted by the blots, is immediately summoned.

10. The „Lonely Struggle” expansion gives the players a deck of cards for the two-player game and a special board for the solo game. This expansion will be part of the Base Game.

Beside these expansions, there are also special cultist casts with unique abilities in the game with their own unique Great Old Ones, otherworld locations and cultist creatures, which are beings stronger than cultists but weaker than the Old Ones who have their own abilities; there are five-five sets from both types. These elements don’t only make the game more varied and increase replay ability, they also make the difficulty easily scalable.

About the expansion modules…

During the Kickstarter campaign, the exclusive edition base game will contain the “Behind the scenes” expansion with a 70 mm Lovecraft figurine. This overlord expansion is a Kickstarter Exclusive, so it won’t be available in retail later.

There is a special cultist cast deck, with cultists, a Great Old One and the respective otherworld location for those who join us during the pre-campaign. Another special cultist cast will be available for free for those who join us during the Early Bird promo, in the first 72 hour of the Kickstarter campaign. These are also Kickstarter Exclusives.

The campaign expansion and the nine further expansions, along with other extras and further presents will be available as Stretch Goals.

We hope that we’re going to have enough backers during the campaign so that every game element and expansion we’ve prepared for you can be added to the box for free.

If it’s the case, the game will contain more than a 1000 cards!

As we’ve communicated from the very first moment, in case there is a backer level which won’t get unlocked during the campaign, you will be able to add them on separately in the Pledge Manager, after the campaign. Our aim is not to let any part of the game go to waste, our dream is to add everything to the base game for free. But if we’re many, but not enough, we’re going to make everything available for you afterwards.

The Kickstarter Exclusive elements will never be available after the Pledge Manager is closed, so you won’t be able to get them in retail (if the game is going to be at all available in retail.)

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