Cultistorm illustrations

The Lovecraftian genre is first and foremost about atmosphere; capturing this atmosphere is the most important aim and tool of Cultistorm. The stories, the pictures and the music are just as important as the gameplay itself; they have to work together to Cultistorm make stand out in the multitude of great Lovecraftian games. Cultistorm doesn’t want to be a „better” game than the ones already on the market, since such value judgement can be hardly used to these elements; tastes are subjective and everyone interprets and experiences an atmosphere/mood in different ways. Our aim is to give you a game and an experience that are unique in their Lovecraftian way.

We are very proud of our illustrator, Blanka. We love the illustrations of Cultistorm, and we hope you’ll love them too. In this gallery, you’ll find updates about the illustration process of the game: you’ll see only the illustrations without flavour texts or other design elements.

Illustrations of core game