Here are short overviews of all expansions for Cultistorm:

Narrative Expansion

The Narrative Expansion is one of Cultistorm’s greatest extensions, giving you not just a literary background, but a completely new gaming experience. The Add-on includes a set of special cards which are used when encountering a Cultist with special symbols. The stories in the Script Book are not just mood elements: they can directly affect your game in a variety of ways, depending on which choice you choose to make during these special encounters.

More details: Update #3

Campaign Expansion

The “Storm of Cultists” Campaign Expansion unfolds over the course of a seven-part story. It is played in separate sessions with unique and consecutive missions and introduces completely new game mechanics.

More details: Update #4

Overlord Expansion

The “Behind the Scenes” Overlord Expansion allows one of the players to assume the role of H. P. Lovecraft and take over the game. The other players unite to fight him.

More details: Update #9

Solo Expansion

We have prepared the “Lonely Struggle” Solo Expansion for those solitary detectives who wish to take up the fight on their own.

More details: Update #8

Nine minor expansions

The OTHERWORLDS expansion adds a special Location card to every Great Old One. These cards represent otherworldly dimensions which open in our world after the arrival of the Great Old Ones.

More details: Update #11

The ANCIENT RELICS  are powerful objects from other dimensions. To obtain them, the Investigators need to find the right Locations and open the dimensional gates themselves, risking their sanity.

More details: Update #12

DARK RITUALS activates the experience points on the Investigator Action Cards. They can be spent to learn dark rituals from ancient tomes. These can then be used to unlock further actions.

More details: Update #13

The CULISTS EVENTS expansion adds a Cultist event deck. At the beginning of each Cultist phase, the players need to draw a card from this deck and watch as the event unfolds. This rarely bodes well for the players…

More details: Update #14

In the INNOCENT VICTIMS expansion the Investigators have to save civilians caught up in the fight between Investigators and Cultists from becoming Cultists themselves. However, this is just one of their many tasks: the Investigators still need to defeat the Cultists and the Great Old Ones in order to save the world.

More details: Update #19

The OTHERWORLDLY DISEASES expansion unleashes diseases of unknown origins onto the world. The Investigators must stop them from spreading and infecting cities.

More details: Update #17

The DANGEROUS PUZZLES adds a six-card special relic to the Item deck; the players must find it to win the game. The pieces of the puzzle are lethal objects in themselves, not to mention that cards unleashing unexpected and horrible events also enter the deck alongside them.

More details: Update #20

RESEARCH EVENTS is an expansion that actually helps the Investigators, making the game easier by countering other modules that make the game even harder. When an Investigator carries out research, he draws a card and applies its (usually positive) effect.

More details: Update #21

The RORSCHACH TEST expansion was inspired by one of the short stories in our collection, “The Inkblots”. More and more otherworldly inkblots are appearing throughout the game. They do not influence the game immediately, but if the players accumulate a certain number of unresolved inkblots, a Great Old One is summoned, whose dreams are depicted by the blots.

More details: Update #23

Lovecraft Country: Game Night Expansion

We have developed a special and innovative expansion module for Cultistorm which makes it possible to play Cultistorm at multiple tables: the games played at the various tables are connected and merge into a gigantic common fight. In this way Cultistorm can be played by 30 people simultaneously, the events of the different teams influencing each other. This feature forges the separate games – which are complete by themselves – into one epic gaming experience. This expansion module was developed especially with game nights and board game clubs in mind – as far as we know, this gameplay module would already make Cultistorm a unique gaming experience.

More details here

  • Narrative Expansion and Script Book: the true jewel of Cultistorm is a hardcover book containing 500+ pieces of high quality weird fiction, illustrated with colourful full-page artwork. The Narrative Expansion is a story-driven game mode in which the stories impact the game itself.
  •  Solo Expansion for those solitary detectives who wish take up the fight on their own.
  •  Campaign Expansion: seven connected and increasingly challenging scenarios introducing new game mechanics.
  •  Overlord Expansion: this adds a sixth player who takes on the role of Lovecraft himself. As a puppet master, this player controls the cultists, and thus the whole game.
  •  Nine minor expansion modules: each of these introduces new game mechanics, increasing the replayability and difficulty of Cultistorm. Most modules can be played simultaneously.
  •  Game Night Expansion (as add-on): this unique and innovative expansion provides the possibility of combining up to six separate Cultistorm games into one epic story. A common fight, in which the choices of the different teams can impact each other. This expansion was developed specifically for clubs who organise board gaming events.