The countdown has begun!


  1. NOVEMBER 2018

But we have a lot of things to do till then! Soon we’re going to upload the rulebook online (although only in a bare text format first), we’re going to launch our marketing campaign and our German website is also coming up! Next week the final prototypes are going to the printer and we can finally start publishing videos. We’re getting ready for Essen, then the Board game Festival in Hungary in November where we’re going to hold a press conference. Since we’re going to be half way in the Kickstarter campaign, it’ll surely be exciting to talk about it and our further plans. We’re not only going to talk about Cultistorm, we’ll also have some different news as well!

From now on we’re going to upload news and updates almost every day, we’ll try our best to keep you very well informed. We’ll show you the Stretch Goals and the promos before the start of the campaign and we’ll feature the Hungarian translation of our Kickstarter page here on the website – of course, you’ll still need to back us on the original page.

Our pre-campaign promo continues: if you sign up on our page before the start of the Kickstarter campaign, you’ll be the proud owner of a unique dice tower and an exclusive cultist cast deck. In case you haven’t done it already, you can do it here! If you’ve already signed up for our pre-campaign, you DON’T NEED TO DO IT AGAIN, we have the details of everyone who signed up before!

We have a big favour to ask from you: check out our website, and if you like our project, please talk about Cultistorm to your friends, pass on the details of the project, let our dream, which tries to go beyond the scope of a simple board game and aims to become a real culture mission, come true!

Thank you for being with us; it’s a great honour and inspiration!