Cultistorm – The Anthology

Stories from the Time of the Cultists’ Storm

The anthology features short stories by many talented writers who follow Lovecraftian traditions and his heritage. We asked them to illustrate the world of our game with their words and stories. Every short story presented in the volume was written with Cultistorm in mind. This book is a gift, a special bonus content. Instead of the short descriptions on the cards, we would like to create a real backstory and atmosphere to show our gratitude for your support! We’d also like our anthology to be worthy of Lovecraft’s heritage as a literary work.

We’re going to share some short stories with you already during the pre-campaign and the Kickstarter campaign, but we won’t spoil all the surprises for the time when you take this beautiful and rich volume in your hand.

The short story anthology will appear as part of the Cultistorm campaign.

Stories from the Time of the Cultists’ Storm

These stories are connected to the places, events and characters of the game; sometimes very tightly, sometimes more loosely. Our aim is to create a backstory of literary depth and also to further enrich Lovecraft’s literary heritage.

Introductory short story: The window into infinity

A terrible creature scratches a bloodcurdlingly accurate map of the cult places of ancient times into the window glass of an Arkham appartment. It marks places where today great cities stand such as Kingsport, Innsmouth or Salem. When the horrible piece is finished, the map comes to life and a portal opens into an unknown dimension, the slumbering gods of endless eons call their followers to themselves and thus the storm of cultists begins…

The blurbs of the short stories in the collection

During the pre-campaign and the Kickstarter campaign we are going to continuously upload the short blurbs from our short story collection, Cultistorm: A storm of cultists.


József Balogh

Rorscach tests hide more horrendous secrets than the darkest thoughts of the research subjects. Mr. Matchinski, a journalist of the Chicago Tribune hurries home to Arkham after he receives a peculiar letter from his brother. Time in his childhood town seems to have stopped and one sometimes even has the feeling that it flows backwards. He learns that his brother is treated in the mental ward of the hospital where he used to work as a doctor. While Mr. Matchinski tries to unravel the events of the past weeks, he has to realise that the Rorscach tests his brother had been studying not only allow a glimpse into the psychological state of patients, but they also open a gate to another world.

The Symbol

Bence Mikházi

The late John Pearlson and his loyal partner served in the police department of New England for thirty long years; now one of them is dead and the other will never be the man he once was. The tile mosaic they find in the ghetto at the outskirts of the city seals the fate of the two policemen forever; they are forbidden to continue their investigation, yet they cannot rest until they discover the secret of the mosaic. Following the members of an unknown sect, they find a strange lake hiding in the middle of the Kingsport forest, but they cannot overcome what they meet there.

The Black Land

József Tomasics

Charles W. White, a folklorist specialised in witch cults receives a strange assignment. According to certain sources, a yet unknown witch sect is showing increased activities in Western Europe, profiting from the chaos reigning in France after the Great War. One of Mr. White’s tasks is to unravel the nightmares of a war veteran who has been psychologically wounded by the war. The soldier has seen such horrible events that his mind is unable to process them in its waking state. The words chanted by the participants of the rite in the ghastly darkness of starless French nights return to haunt him in the hospital.

The Broken Amulet

Iván Bojtor

Two childhood friends, who used to share a strange amulet, meet again many years later in the forgotten, ancient graveyard of Kingsport. The fates of the folklorist and the mathematician are connected again by that indescribable dark secret reaching for them from the past of the city. The peculiar shards upset space and time and the friends escape through older and older layers of the city’s past, running from the living nightmare burning up their sanity.

The Reflection

Krisztina Czinkóczi

Arthur Burchard, just like many of his fellow university colleagues, is the dedicated researcher of the cultists, sighted more and more frequently in town, and their strange symbols of unknown origin. A handful of coincidences stir his meticulous scientific research towards an eerie solution; he finds an explanation to the supernatural events that even attracts the attention of the Bureau. The first two experiments don’t bring any results, but after the last piece of the puzzle falls into place, the investigators can defeat the horror crawling out from another world. The collateral damage is painful, yet negligible; the acquired knowledge is much more horrible.