Storm of the Cultists – The Cultistorm Soundtrack Album

Every element of Cultistorm focuses on building a Lovecraftian atmosphere and experience, so we knew from the very first moment that we would need to create a musical album to accompany the game. We owe this to you and to the game because it’s necessary to make the Cultistorm experience complete. We wanted to create something memorable and valuable, a full-fledged music album which connects to the Lovecraftian tradition in a credible and authentic way, which ties into the Lovecraftian subculture on a thousand points and which is worthy to have an independent life because it is more, both in content and in quality, than the usual, promotional soundtrack created for the board game. Our dream and aim is that every element could be an outstanding creation in its own right: Cultistorm in the realm of board games, our short story collection in literature and the musical score of the game in the world of music. We would like to delight board gamers, literature fans and music aficionados to the same extent.

It is a great joy and honour for us to present the musical composer of Cultistorm, one of the most well-known and influential composers of the Lovecraftian musical landscape:

Graham Plowman


Graham will create a roughly 50-minute long music album to accompany Cultistorm. The music score of the game will be inspired by the short stories written for Cultistorm, the stories appearing in the Script Book and the illustrations of the game. The album will be published as a complete and independent musical publication, in a six panel digipak packaging which is a part of the Cultistorm board game and which is automatically packed with every box.

Graham took on the task to create 15-20 minute long additional Kickstarter Exclusive tracks during the Kickstarter campaign which are going to be part of our Stretch Goals during the campaign. These are only going to be available on the album appearing alongside the board game in the Kickstarter campaign. This exclusive content won’t be available on the Cultistorm album available in retail after the publication of the game, nor anywhere else.

„As fan of H.P. Lovecraft since I was 10 years old, and an avid card/board game player myself, I’m thrilled to be part of the Cultistorm project. My music has been used as inspiration for writing, playing the pen and paper role-playing game, board games, and has appeared in horror films. I’m delighted to be able to create an entirely new album of Lovecraft inspired orchestral and choir music as atmosphere for playing Cultistorm to be included in the box.”
– Graham Plowman

Graham, the composer

Graham Plowman is an Irish composer whose H.P. Lovecraft adaptations to symphonic orchestra made him well-known and well -loved in the Lovecraft communities worldwide.

Graham had been learning to play the piano for years when inspired by the Lord of the Rings films and their soundtracks in the beginning of 2000s, he turned towards film scores. Graham has been composing music for symphonic orchestra since 2010 and he also works as the composer for Hollywood films.

Some of his favourite film score composers are John Williams and Danny Elfman. Sergei Rachmaninoff, Beethoven, Franz Liszt and Tchaikovsky are the classic composers who inspire him.

The musical atmosphere most typical to Lovecraft is that of his early years and Graham mainly uses instruments that were already around during Lovecraft’s lifetime. Synthesizers are used to compliment the orchestral palette and represents the scientific mind of Lovecraft, and of many of his creations, such as the Mi-go and the Great Race of Yith.

Graham’s most important Lovecraftian project is his series, which has 25 compositions at the moment, presenting the mood and atmosphere of Lovecraft’s short stories with the help of symphonic orchestras. The beautiful melodies cast a spell on the listeners, and reading and listening to Graham’s music create that high tension atmosphere us, the fans of weird stories, like so much.

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