Join us already during the pre-campaign!

The pre-campaign of Cultistorm will last until the Kickstarter launch. If you join us, you’ll help us to calculate the production costs and the campaign budget and you also give us inspiring feedback showing that you’re with us and we have your support.

Joining the pre-campaign doesn’t bind you to anything, it doesn’t count as pre-order and it doesn’t replace pledging during the official Kickstarter campaign.

However, if you join us already now, we’re offering you a unique 10-card promotional card set and a dice tower which will be included in your box without any further cost, this is how we would like to show our gratitude for your subscription.

This promotion package will only be sent to those for free, who join us already during the pre-campaign, that is they sign-up here on the right side column and who also back us during the official Kickstarter campaign. It means that we’re going to compare our pre-campaign email sign-up list with the list of our Kickstarter backers and those who are on both lists will automatically receive the promotional card set and the dice tower.  Therefore, if possible, please use the same email address to sign up here which you use for Kickstarter.

You DO NOT NEED subscribe again for the Pre-Campaign promos, if you already did it last year or this spring!

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What language would you like the Cultistorm?

IMPORTANT NOTE: After signing up, you’ll receive a confirmation email to your email address. It’s very important that you click on the confirmation link because that’s how you finalise your registration and that’s how you become eligible for the promotional gift. Thank you very much!

Language selection is only for data collection at the moment and it helps us to plan the campaign. The game is going to be published in English, but if we have at least 3000 backers from the given language area during the end off the Kickstarter Capmaign, we will produce the language dependent elements as a free extra. You can let us know what language game you’d like to order via the form.