Purple Meeple Games is an indie board game publisher and creative studio, founded in 2017 by Sandor Szucs, Zoltan Aczel, and Sandor Fedor in Florida, USA and in Hungary. The primary purpose of Purple Meeple Games is the international publication and representation of card and board games by Hungarian designers. Zoltan Aczel is the founder and owner of the largest Hungarian board game publishing house, representing numerous international publishers in Hungary.

Contact: info [at] cultistorm [dot] com

Sándor Szűcs: He is the founder of Purple Meeple Games. Aside from being the game’s designer, he is also the one who dreamt up the whole Cultistorm project. In 2014 he won the board game designing contest in Hungary, which was held by Piatnik.

Zoltán Aczél: Next to being the co-founder of Purple Meeple Games he is also the CEO of Gémklub, a company with 30 years of experience in developing and publishing board games. Gémklub is officially representing big companies like Asmodee, Czech Games, Portal Games, or Blue Orange. Gémklub is also carrying out the Hungarian localisation for Gloomhaven.

Delta Vision: This is another great Hungarian company, which decided to join Purple Meeple Games’ project as an Agency backer. Delta Vision is also the official Hungarian representative of Fantasy Flight, CMON, and Stonemaier Games.

Viktor Csete: He is the project’s graphic designer. Before Cultistorm he worked on large projects like Conan from Monolyth, Twilight Struggle, Crisis, The Manhattan Project, The Thing, and Dark Moon.

Graham Plowman: He is the one who composed the soundtrack of Cultistorm. He composes Lovecraftian music and is one of the most renowned musical artists in the genre. He also composes music for Hollywood films, such as Arthur & Merlin.

Short story writers: Our stories are being written by acknowledged writers, some of whom have published their own books and won literary awards. We also have writers in our ranks who are acknowledged writers of Galaktika magazine. Galaktika is a renowned Sci-fi magazine with about 47 years of experience.

The editor-in-chief of Black Aether, Tomasics József, is the one who is managing our group of writers. He is also one of the editors of our literary content and a trusted protector of true Lovecraftian traditions. Black Aether is the only Lovecraftian literature magazine that is also available in printed form here in Hungary.

Fanni Sütő: She is responsible for the Hungarian-English translations of the short stories. She works as an English teacher, writer, poet, and professional translator. She studied English Literature in Budapest before obtaining a second master’s degree in Children’s Literature from Roehampton University, London. She has been publishing poems and short stories in Hungarian since 2010, and in English since 2013, and since 2016 she has translated five Hungarian books into English. She currently lives in Paris.

Tristan Herzogenrath-Amelung: Tristan is responsible for the quality of the translations that come with Cultistorm, as he carries out the professional copy editing of our translations and updates. He is also a professional translator working for video and board game publishers as well as museums, and has collaborated with several Kickstarter projects in the past. His academic background is in Ancient History (BA, MA and PhD), where he has published on ancient warfare.

Allen Stroud (PhD): Allen is a science fiction, fantasy and horror writer, best known for his work on the computer game Elite Dangerous. His latest book, The Forever Man, was published in 2017 by Luna Press. His work has also been published by Newcon Press and Baen Books. Allen is a reviewer and editor of Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction and co-lead writer for Phoenix Point, a computer game coming out in 2019.

Our production partner is LongPack Games. You might know them for producing Raiders of the North Sea, Darkest Night Second Edition, Unfair, Grimm Forest, Robinson Crusoe, Kingdomino, Dream Home, Planet of the Apes, Panic Mansion, Carcosa, and Planetarium.