Cultistorm Base Game – Kickstarter Exclusive Edition:
Limited offering for retailers, board game shops and clubs

Shipping as early as September 2019

Dear potential customers! We have our successful Kickstarter Campaign behind us with a lots of satisfied and happy backers.
We would like to offer you a very special deal to get your hands on the limited edition of the game,
including all the KS exclusive elements.

This version will not be available later in retail!

Our offer: 37% margin for the retailers!

The cost of this box via our Kickstarter Pledge was 69 USD during our Campaign.
The MRSP, because of the Exclusive elements is 79 USD.

The special limited price of Cultistorm is: 50 USD /piece
The game can only be ordered in bundles.

Deadline of Survey: 7 July 2019

For us to be able to provide the necessary data for our manufacturer and to be able to start shipping to you in September we need for you to complete the order and payment until the 7th of July.

IMPORTANT: Every order that was completed after the 7th of July can only be delivered after our 2nd wave of production. This means, that those who order after the deadline, will receive their packages only after may 2020. If you wish to receive the game already during Autumn of this year, please complete your order as soon as possible!

More Details under the picture!

Conditions of the Retail Pledge

  • Valid VAT Number / Sales Tax ID
  • Fill out the form found on the sidebar to the right
  • The Retail Pledge is available in 6-copy bundles. You have to back at least 1 bundle, i.e. 6 copies, and you can only increase the number by bundles, i.e. by 6 copies.
  • This offer will be available in the US, Canada,Asia, and the EU. However, for orders of 10+ bundles (60 copies) we will do our best to find a solution for other countries as well. In this case, please send an email to, and our colleagues will contact you to discuss details and possibilities.
  • The retailers have to agree that they will not remove any promotional and Kickstarter Exclusive elements from the boxes and sell them separately. (This is mainly quality assurance on our side)
  • We can offer further discounts for orders above 100 copies (15 bundles) – for more information, please contact us on
  • The shipping fee of the individual orders are NOT part of the offer. We recommend to use your own logistics team however, if you do not have any we will help you and ship to you via fulfillment partners. The price of this is calculated individually for every order.

Our Colleagues are happy to help you!

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to send a message to

Retailer Survey

For placing an order, you have to fill out all the fields of the survey! The order will be confirmed by one of our colleagues and he/she will send you a reciept.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to We will answer your questions as swiftly as we can.

    Bundles required

    You can only order in bundles, each bundle containing 6 copies of the game. Orders for different packages must be submitted separately via this form.

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    a brick and mortar game storewebshop onlyboard game club or communitygame cafeother

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