The most important informations about our Kickstarter campaign
  • Planned campaign launch date: March/April, 2018.

    We’re preparing a very cool Early Bird Special offer to first 72 hour. Don’t forget that there is exclusive promotional material available for the pre-campaign backers, which will not be available either during the Kickstarter campaign or in stores!

  • What will be in the box?

    Cultistorm will be a unique game taking on and giving more than an average Cthulhu game:
    – The GAME itself is easy to learn. It has simple rules, yet it is challenging.
    – We will offer a lot of add-ons and exclusive content.
    – Instead of the short texts on the cards, we write short stories, so in the box you’ll have a BOOK as well, a proper Lovecraftian anthology.
    – We’ll also prepare an ARTBOOK from the illustrations which will be threaded with the story of the game, bringing the pictures to life with short story-fragments. The Artbook is also a basic feature of the game and not a paying add-on.
    – Last but not least, we’ll include a MUSIC CD which contains background music created for the game.

  • We take game developing seriously: more 500 test games

    We take game development very seriously. We’ve been developing the game for two years, testing it for one year and we’re planning 500 more documented tests on the finished version. What is more, we don’t come up with the Stretch Goals during the campaign, we have already planned everything in advance, elaborated on the details and conducted tests. We don’t make important game elements Stretch Goals and add-ons: the base game is complete and sufficient for a great gaming experience.

  • We are dedicated to high quality

    There won’t be any Stretch Goals augmenting the quality of cards or printing embossed letters on the box, because we’ve already designed them this way and we’ll order them in the highest quality from European producers. In the case of Cultistorm high quality is the default option, not an optional extra.

    What does this all mean:
    – 310 g Linen Finish Cads
    – Laser Engraved Dice
    – Practical plastic vacuum-form insert, which is big enough for everything even if the cards are sleeved
    The game will arrive to Kickstarter like this!

  • We are dedicated to quick delivery time

    We’ve planned the preparation of the game and we’ve chosen the producer in a way to make sure that we don’t have to be afraid of one year production time or months of delay. That’s why we placed the production of Cultistorm not to China, but to the most up-to-date game factory of Europe, the German LudoFact and we have made such fulfilment agreements that help us guarantee the very short delivery times. We promise you that your money won’t get stranded with us for years.

  • Kickstarter Exclusive elements

    We trust you to be with us and support us because we have great ideas as Stretch Goals, even some bigger projects which (if you help us to realise them) will be available freely and for free for Lovecraft fans!

    If you help us to lead a successful campaign, we will be able to give you a lot of bonus content which will allow you to save a lot of money compared to the later, commercial prices. However, there is a lot of Kickstarter Exclusive content! We’d like to show our gratitude towards you, so we won’t only add elements as Exclusive content to make the game more varied (although there will be many of that sort as well), but one of the complete Cultistorm extensions will be such an exclusive content only available as part of the campaign  – for free! This extension won’t be available in stores later, so it’s a good idea to secure it for yourself as soon as possible.

  • Free language packages

    We promise that we will produce the language dependent elements as a free extra if we have at least 3000 backers from the given language area. These language packages contain only those cards, extras and other elements which are not language independent and naturally the rulebook. The language packages will be packed separately alongside the English base game, but we’ve designed the box in a way that it would all fit in comfortably.

  • Shipping information

    We managed to strike up such a deal with our fulfilment partners that we are going to be able to ship our game to every country in the world with the smallest shipping costs and without you having to pay extra fees, customs or taxes. During the campaign we’ll pay special attention to group orders and retailers.

  • Dou you want to help us? Translators wanted!

    We’d like to reach the most people possible with our Cultistrom board game, both in the boardgaming and the Lovecraftian subcultures. For this it’s a prerequisite that we would need to be able to communicate and campaign in multiple languages to be able to reach more fans and players, ideally in their own language.

    So, we’re looking for translators – to French, Spanish, Polish and Dutch languages for the moment. You would need to translate the website, the rules and two short stories from English, as well as the official campaign communication on our website and during the campaign. We’re looking for translators, who are familiar both with Lovecraft’s language and literal style and the boardgaming subculture and who have time and capacity to translate quickly, who are always available and who would also take on being in touch with us on a daily level. Naturally, we would compensate your work within our means.

    If you’re interested in this opportunity and would like to join our campaign team, write to us on Thank you very much!

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What’s going to happen here in the next few weeks?
  • We going to add a detalied tutorial about process of backing
  • We going to translate the Kickstarter-page, before it will start