Lovecraft Country: The Game Night Expansion

The Aim of the Expansion

This special expansion was designed specifically for board gaming events and game nights. With this expansion 6 boards (or groups of friends) and up to 30 people can play Cultistorm simultaneously. This is an innovation in the board gaming community, an innovation which can deliver a completely new gaming experience for many people at the same time: an exciting new layer of Cultistorm which makes the game even more colourful and versatile.

To use this expansion you need to have at least 2 and a maximum of 6 copies of the base game.

The Concept and Gaming Experience of the Expansion

The purpose of Game Night: The Lovecraft Country is to provide players with a full-fledged Cultistorm game at each table as well as having all Cultistorm games run parallel to each other. The aim is to seal all dimension gates at all locations of the predetermined region called Lovecraft Country. With this addition, the overall goal of the game is not only to seal the five locations in your own game, but also to clear all the locations in the wider region from the wrongdoings of the cultists. In this expansion, sealing the dimension gates is done differently than in the regular game, while the effects of Terror cards may influence the game of each individual table. Players need to pay attention not only to their own games but also to the games of others, because the negative effect of an activated terror card may affect the game of another group, and they might also get severe penalties from other groups. However, not all hope is lost, because negative effects of another group can be countered or cancelled given the right circumstances.

What makes this Add-on special is that while playing our own game, our decisions and actions can influence the games of others, which in turn can influence the success of our common goal. This extension of the cooperative element beyond our own game to the game of another table is the novel and unique aspect of experiencing the ‘Cultistorm: Lovecraft Country’ expansion and its concept.

Gameplay Summary

At the beginning of the game each table receives 5 Location cards from a unique set of Locations found only in this expansion. In this special deck you find a Location for each city of the Lovecraft Country map which comes with this expansion. The size of this Lovecraft Country, which we need to rid of all evil, is determined by the number of groups participating in the game. These Locations, unlike in the base game, have special dimension gate sealing rules instead of unlockable actions and benefits.

If a Location is sealed by a group of players, one member of that team puts a marker of his/her team on the map to signify their success. Then they draw a new Location from the Location deck and place it on their own board at the Location they just sealed, taking on a new challenge and resuming the game.

Clearing the Locations not only requires trophies, but special artefacts as well. Each Location has a corresponding artefact which is shuffled and then randomly distributed, being shuffled into the item decks of each group at the beginning of the game. It is possible to find artefacts needed by another board during research. In this case, you can deliver the desperately needed artefact to the other group with a set of special rules. This is one of the ways in which this expansion causes the different boards to interact with each other.

Another way is the changed roles and effects of the Terror cards. You will get a new set of Terror cards with this expansion. At least half of these Terror cards affect not your but the game of another board (as indicated on the card). It can easily happen that players have to face unexpected terrors for which they are not responsible. The rules for the Terror cards have been changed as well. Unlike before, where you did not have any chance of countering or negate the effect of these cards, now the affected board can do so if they can or want to cancel it. However, if they are unable to cancel it, the effect may affect the common goal, as the sending group must remove one of their completed location markers from the map. This is a shared loss for every team.

Long story short: this expansion extends the cooperation to several gaming parties whose common goal is to seal all the Locations found on the map, using the new special set of sealing rules. Thanks to the new rules you will need special artefacts, which not only need to be found but also delivered to the team that needs them. Aside from all this, Terror cards affect the games of other parties. Cancel or defend against them or the consequences will be dire for everyone.


If the gaming groups wish to take on a greater or more varied challenge they can play the ‘Lovecraft Country’ expansion with the following modules:

  • Otherworlds
  • Dark Rituals
  • Cultist Events
  • Innocent Victims
  • Research Events

To use these extra modules the gaming groups must have the contents of the Deluxe Pledge or the Collector Pledge.