The fate of Promos, Stretch Goals and Exclusive Contents

October 4, 2017.

After long deliberation and some useful feedback, I decided to modify the way promos, stretch goals and especially exclusive contents are going to be treated during the Cultistorm campaign. Questions have been asked about the pre-campaign promo gifts, but I have taken it further and I’m going to modify the principles for the whole campaign and I’m also going to present the planned strategy for our campaign because an open and constructive dialogue with you is more important for me than the possible marketing advantages of surprises or withheld information.

There are going to be four groups of extra content during the whole Cultistorm campaign:

1.) We have launched our pre-campaign during which we offer a beautiful and practical dice tower and a special cultist deck for those who join us this early. We are going to make this promo packing available as a paying add-on during the Kickstarter campaign. This way those who missed the pre-campaign, but would like to have these extras will also be able to add it to their selected package. It goes without saying that our backers who registered during the pre-campaign will receive this promo pack for free. (Joining the pre-campaign doesn’t oblige you to anything.)

2.)  The Kickstarter campaign will start with a 72-hour Early bird promotion. We hope that it will be a good motivation to have a dynamic campaign start, which is very important for the first impressions the project would make. This surprise gift will be “too good” to be missed by those who learn about the campaign too late, we don’t want them to miss out on it completely. After the 72 hour deadline we will make the Early Bird package available for the backers as a paying add on, while those who took part in the Early Bird promotion will get it for free.

3.) We’re planning further promotions for the different social media platforms: There are going  to be promotions on Facebook and BoardGameGeek both for the game itself and for the platforms of Purple Meeple Games, but I’m also thinking about promo gifts for Twitter and Instagram. (Details coming soon.) In this category you will find not only cards, but nice gifts and also a mini extension bringing in a completely new game mode. If there is a level we don’t reach during the campaign, we will calculate how much it costs to produce them and we’ll make them available as a third optional extra pack, like a social media promo pack.

4.) Last but not least, we have planned various Stretch Goals for the game. The ones we advertise as Kickstarter Exclusive content are not going to be available after the campaign. We haven’t decided yet if we are going to make Cultistorm available in retail after the KS campaign, it largely depends on the success of the campaign and the later interest in the game. One thing is sure, however, even if the game is going to be available for the wider public it isn’t going to contain all the elements we released during the Kickstarter campaign.

HOWEVER, since we have put in a lot of work into designing the extensions we would like to add on as Stretch Goals to be available if we reach the required number of backers, we decided that we would make the most possible things available at the end of the campaign in the form of an independent add-on. This way neither our work nor the gaming experience we’ve dreamt up for you would be lost. So if we reach every threshold that would mean newer Stretch Goals for our followers, then every backer would get these for free. If, however, some Stretch Goals are not reached, we would come up with a further add-on package with a price which is optimal for the production costs, but also attractive for you. We would make the add-on package available for you in the Pledge Manager.

I hope that this attitude and support system demonstrates that we are making Cultistorm with your enjoyment in mind and we would like to make sure that however the campaign turns out, you aren’t left with the feeling that something was missing. We hope that we’ll be able to give you all the planned promo gift, extra cards, mini extension modules or independent extensions for free, since our aim is that you get as much out of supporting Cultistorm as we do. For us, success would mean to share our game with as many people as possible and for you it would mean that you would get the biggest possible package for the same amount of support.

We’re counting on you and thanks for being with us!

With friendly regards,