Sending out the Base Games (before schedule)


Sending out the Base Games (before schedule)

Greetings Investigators,

We hope that the Soundtrack links reached all of you, and you had the joy of listening to Graham’s fantastic work. We had some people report issues with the link. If you are one of these unlucky few, please send us an email at and we’ll send you the tracks separately.

About the shipping of the second wave:

The majority of the work still revolves around the script book and there are also some minor graphic works that need attention. We are estimating, that we could start production at the beginning of autumn.

As if all the work wasn’t enough… a new problem arose. A problem that we hope on solving with your co-operation and hopefully get a win-win situation out of this. We are talking specifically about the people who ordered 2-wave-shipping and haven’t received the base game yet.

You might remember, that we mentioned a few times, that we produced a several hundred more base games, than the ones we needed to actually send out. A part of this stock can be found in the US warehouse and the other part in EU.

A few days ago we received a mail from Quartermaster Logistics, that because of “technical reasons” we need to move our stock from their warehouse. We gave it some thought and came up with the following idea:

Why ship it to a new warehouse and go through all the hassle once again and why not just use this opportunity to ship out these extra pieces of games to people who wanted to have the base game?

We think that this way people who want to get their hands on the base game while they wait for the 2nd wave content could benefit from this.
We offer to ship out these base games for the people who did not already received the base games and wish to have them.

So far so good…so where is the catch?
You might remember, that those people who ordered 2-wave shipping had to pay an extra fee for two wave shipping as it means we have to ship twice (once every wave).

The truth is that if you wish to receive the base game we ask you to pay the extra cost that comes with this extra shipping. We really would like to simply send them out to you as a compensation for the wait, however it would be rude against those who actually payed the 2-wave-shipping fee and secondly we do not have the extra funds to send it out on our own Budget.
It is no secret, that this project has overgrown us in many aspect. I think people ought to know, that we the founders personally had actually zero monetary gain from this project since we started working on it, which is not a problem for us because this is our passion project. However, we cannot fund such extra costs on our own.

For us it would be a tremendous help if we could “cut out the middleman” and simply ship the games to you instead of searching for a new warehouse. Since we are already going down this road, we also offer this option for people from the EU.

The shipping fee of this would be on our web page (link below).

So the “one-wave-shipping” backers who are willing to pay this extra fee to receive the game NOW instead of the original 2nd wave please click on THIS LINK until the 20th of July:

Since we have a deadline with QML we would like to send them the shipping list on the 21th of July, so that they could start bulk shipping in July.

We are truly sorry, that we could not hold the original schedule promised at the beginning of the campaign. There were simply so many factors and unexpected bumps in the road hindering us, that we lost count. This is a bumpy jeep ride, not a smooth-cruise but rest assured…we are getting there. It is a big project with lots of stuff inside and we do everything in our power so you could 100% receive this game in it entirety this year.

Thank you for your support and patience.

Delivery Form

Deadline: 20th of July.

Please fill in all fields. Thank you.

    Short protocol…


    CountryShipping extra fee


    With Covid extra fee

    17,5 USD


    23,5 USD


    Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands

    14 USD


    France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Czech Rep., Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary

    16 USD


    Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland

    20 USD

    United Kingdom

    Because of the Brexit an export is necessary and so the price is higher. The price might change anytime. Right now we pay additional fees of 4,50 EUR per shipment.

    25 USD