Shipping the base game to the one-wave backers before the set time

Base Game shipping only our one-wave shipping backers!

This is a special (and optional) offer for those of our supporters, who backed Cultistorm Collector or Deluxe Pledge on our Kickstarter campaign in One-wave shipping, but do not want to wait for second-wave delivery.

Please click your Country and order the shipping as a special product.
You can pay with card via Stripe.

If you are from other countries or if you have any questions about this shipping method, please contact us via

Price List

CountryShipping extra fee


Contiguous States

16 USD


This price is not customs friendly and you might be subject to additional duties and fees once the package arrives in the country.

46 USD


Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands

18 USD


France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Czech Rep., Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary

20 USD


Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland

23 USD

United Kingdom

Because of the Brexit an export is necessary and so the price is higher. The price might change anytime. Right now we pay additional fees of 4,50 EUR per shipment.

27 USD