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Cultistorm on The Black Aether Online H. P. Lovecraft Magazine

Cultistorm is an exciting Lovecraftian card game developed by a Hungarian team and it’s going to make its debut on Kickstarter this autumn. We’re asking Sandor Szucs, the game developer, about the game itself, the advantages and disadvantages of a Kickstarter campaign and of course about why would one back their project.

Facebook Promo cards

If we will have over 3000 followers on our Facebook page, you’ll be rewarded with this five-card exclusive set as well. You can find The Ring of D’yrruoth during your researches and there is a ring for all the five dark symbols. They can help you to delay the storm of the cultists and it can prove very useful if too many cultist have already gathered on a location, threatening to summon one of the Great Old ones.