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The countdown has begun!


But we have a lot of things to do till then! Soon we’re going to upload the rulebook online (although only in a bare text format first), we’re going to launch our marketing campaign and our German website is also coming up! Next week the final prototypes are going to the printer and we can finally start publishing videos. We’re getting ready for Essen, then the Board game Festival in Hungary in November where we’re going to hold a press conference. Since we’re going to be half way in the Kickstarter campaign, it’ll surely be exciting to talk about it and our further plans. We’re not only going to talk about Cultistorm, we’ll also have some different news as well!

February News

Weeks rush by and things have turned pretty intense around Cultistorm, so I’d like to give you a little summary of what has been going on. We’re still working on the game – please don’t take our thoroughness the wrong way 😉 The game is becoming better and better with every week and it still has unharnessed potential…

2018: The Year of Cultistorm

These two past months have been pretty busy and not only because of the holidays. We have a lot of things behind us: a country-wide play test campaign, a press release and the Hungarian Board Game Festival (with even more play testing)…

The fate of Promos, Stretch Goals and Exclusive Contents

After long deliberation and some useful feedback, I decided to modify the way promos, stretch goals and especially exclusive contents are going to be treated during the Cultistorm campaign. Questions have been asked about the pre-campaign promo gifts, but I have taken it further and I’m going to modify the principles for the whole campaign and I’m also going to present the planned strategy for our campaign because an open and constructive dialogue with you is more important for me than the possible marketing advantages of surprises or withheld information.

Vote about Stretch Goals

Stretch Goals on Kickstarter can be treated in two different ways: either we show you all of them from the very beginning and constantly update you when we reached one of the goals. This is the method less frequently used. The other one is that we only show you the next one or two Stretch Goals we aim to reach and the ones we have already got. This is the more popular solution. We’d like to know which one you would prefer.