For us Cultistorm is an expression of our respect and love for Lovecraft. It’s more than just a game. Our subject choice wasn’t motivated by business reasons, but a very deep commitment to the work and heritage of H.P. Lovecraft. We would like to give a great board game to those who know and love Lovecraft, and we would like to make Lovecraft’s work known to those who are board game fans.


1.) ILLUSTRATED SCRIPT BOOK: almost 400 flash fiction stories

We have devised a very efficient way to help your immersion into the Lovecraftian atmosphere of Cultistorm: we bring you a script book with almost 400 flash fiction stories. Every character and every location (may it be of this world or another), the investigators, the cultist casts, the different events all get their own story. You can also read a flash fiction piece before an encounter with a cultist which does not only intensify the gaming experience, but can also have an effect on the encounter. The stories arrive to you in a beautiful printed book with full page colour illustrations.

2.) SHORT STORY COLLECTION – 21 Short Stories

We would like to make the game as immersive possible so instead of flavour texts on cards we are writing short stories together with a team of talented weird fiction writers. We give a complete volume of short stories along with the game, which is worthy of Lovecraft’s literary heritage and the genre requirements he created. The short stories are directly connected to the different casts of cultists, locations and Great Old Ones appearing in the game, creating such a detailed world and back story which is quite unusual in the case of board games.

3.) SOUNDTRACK – with music of Graham Plowman

If you feel like listening to some music while reading or playing, you can turn on Graham Plowman’s album he created especially for Cultistorm. Graham is perhaps the most acknowledged composer of the Lovecraftian subculture. He creates this Lovecraftian atmosphere with a mixture of symphonic orchestras and choir music, using instruments from in Lovecraft’s time. His music is powerful, authentic and incredibly high quality. A part of the album will be an exclusive compilation which will never be available at retail after the campaign of Cultistorm.


We’ve created beautiful special edition box for the game and to be honest we, the creators of the game, fell in love with it right away. It’s a unique and very fitting “packaging” for our game which expresses the uniqueness of its idea and quality. To our knowledge, no game has been sold in a similar 3D plastic box. Since its production is only possible with higher quantities, we added it on as a Stretch Goal. However, we’re wracking our brains and crunching the numbers to find a way to make it the default box for Cultistorm.


Although not directly linked to the game, we’d like to give a few Lovecraftian gifts to our backers which will surely make our geeky fans happy. We have some suprises, but we show you a concrete example: each Cultistorm box will contain an amazing 70 mm tall Lovecraft model.

– Free Lovecraft Lecture Series

In Hungary, H.P. Lovecraft’s person and work, his cultural influence and heritage is still almost unknown – the Loveraftian subculture is made up of a few hundred active creators and fans. We wish to change this, that is why we offered a considerable amount from our campaign income to the Hungarian H.P. Lovecraft society to launch an educational lecture series the materials of which would be free for anybody interested. We hope that this cultural initiative can contribute to more people getting to know Lovecraft’s literary heritage.



Cultistorm is a cooperative game, which means that the players play together against the game. We wanted to create a cooperative gaming experience and game mechanic where every player is equally needed, where nobody can become an alpha player and repress the others and nobody is left out of planning and fighting. The game play is driven by deck building and hand management where everyone can develop their investigator character individually and use their cards either to carry out their own actions or to help the other players.


Nowadays “Cthulhu games” are quite popular, but most of these games can be divided into two big categories. In the first category we find such epic and complex games as Arkham and Eldritch Horror, Elder Signs and Living Card Games of FFG or the horror fighting games arriving with hundreds of miniatures, which are also very popular on Kickstarter and which not only have Great Old Ones, but great old rule books as well. We need a great table, a great amount of time and a wallet with great depths.

In the other group we have many games which would be uninteresting as a board game, so the creators added the “cthulhu” theme to make it marketable, and the game is nothing more than mere monster butchering.

When creating Cultistorm, we had some important principles we wanted to stick to:

  • creating an authentic Lovecraftian themes and atmosphere – our aim is to inspire interest in Lovecraft’s literary and creative heritage with every element of our game
  • a relatively short rule book and learning time
  • simple game play, the game experience becomes complex through the decisions the players make
  • changeable difficulty
  • high replayability
  • shouldn’t take up a lot of space
  • affordable price


Years ago, when the idea of Cultistorm was born, it was just a 64-card pack. It became deeper, more complex and diverse as we developed it. We wanted to create a game that gaming newbies can learn quickly and enjoy greatly, while also giving something new and thinky for the seasoned gamers. Our aim was that a player who doesn’t know Lovecraft and a Lovecraft geek who hasn’t really played before could both have a good gaming experience.

Therefore Cultistorm can also be played in numerous ways:

  • The cooperative version of the game, we recommend as the default base game, is  an intense very interactive 75-120 minute game.
  • By the narrative game mode we can use the Script Book which will make the game longer, but very immersive, creating an atmosphere as if we were reading one of Lovecraft’s short stories.
  • With a Kickstarter Exclusive expansion module we can bring an Overlord into play, that is a player who is going to play against us. As our common enemy, they will be the one playing in place of the game.
  • We created a seven-part, campaign expansion with consecutive stories and quests
  • There are also nine smaller expansions to make the game more varied, complex and enjoyable.
  • We also started to work on two major expansions, one of them will add a deck-building, competitive game mode, while the other will be a completely unique and innovative solo player campaign. These ones aren’t going to be available during this campaign, but sometimes during next year!

If we manage to reach all the promos and Stretch Goals during our Kickstarter Campaign, then the box will look like this (no spoilers):

  • Cultistorm board game with more than 1000 beautifully illustrated cards, over 50 miniatures, player boards, 19 custom dice, 300+ tokens and markers
  • Nine different, independent mini extensions which can also be combined. They add new game elements and mechanics to the base game
  • The Kickstarter Exclusive Overlord Expansion – a semi-cooperative expansion
  • Storm of Cultists – campaign game play expansion
  • Illustrated Script Book – over 400 flash fiction stories (and rule modifications)
  • Short story anthology book
  • Exclusive Soundtrack Album by Graham Plowman
  • Unique dice tower
  • 70 mm H. P. Lovecraft miniature
  • Practical plastic insert
  • A very cool Early Bird surprise gift which will surely please Lovecraft fans
  • A huge plastic 3D Game Box

EVERYTHING FOR FREE! We didn’t plan any paying add-ons for the campaign, we would like to give you all the elements, extensions, “atmosphere boosters” as Stretch Goals and to give them along the base game for free without any extra costs.

All the Stretch Goals will be visible from the launch of the campaign, already during the pre-campaign, to be exact.

If there any extensions or elements we don’t reach as Stretch Goals, we will make sure that they become available in the Pledge Manager after the campaign (this way, of course, for additional financial support.)

We would like to put together a campaign which fulfils your expectations and makes you happy.



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